Welcome Henry

Hey all,


Status Update on LB – We would like to welcome our official new drummer Henry to the band.  Henry has been playing with us the last few shows and it has become clear that he belongs here with us.  He enjoys listening to music you’ve never heard of and drinking Snapple.


Also – we just announced two new shows this summer in NYC.  July 17th at The Delancey, and August 3rd at the Bitter End.  Show details are here under the SHOWS tab.


ALSO – our EP, “Subway Rat Bite” is up for free download and soundcloud as well as here under MUSIC.


To all who have come out recently, thank you so much.  The response to the new EP and everything has been overwhelming.  We can’t wait to show you guys what we have coming up.  More cool shit soon.





Come In Alone

Hey world.  So I am posting the third and final song off of the “Subway Rat Bite” EP.  I give you a cover of My Bloody Valentine’s ”Come In Alone”.  We picked this song because it fucking rules.  No other reason.  I love the vibe and lyrics and drive of the track.  I hope you guys dig it.  Stay tuned for more cool news next week.  Also, we are playing @ Pianos in NYC on Wednesday, May 15th!  Details are on the SHOWS tab of the website.  Come hang!



Who’s Anthony?

Hey world.


Posted another new jam tonight called “Who’s Anthony?” off of the Subway Rat Bite EP. Check it out below and show your friends! The response to the new material has been amazing. It is interesting to see how people react. Until next week…


New Song – “Subway Rat Bite”

So after 18 months of no new material, I present to you “Subway Rat Bite” written, produced and recorded by yours truly.  Why the odd name you ask?  Because I fucking wanted to.  Over the past few years this band has gone through many changes and this is where it landed.


Back in the fall of 2010 when Little Bombs came to be, we rushed into the studio and put out the first 9 songs we wrote.  After two and a half years of wondering what the hell to do with this thing and what the hell to do with myself, I can honestly say that I have finally found my sound (or at least started to).  I have shed my skin, embraced my core influences, abandoned the flavors of the week and stopped chasing the stupid fucking idea of pleasing people.  For those who don’t know, we went and recorded a full length record with my good friend and an awesome producer, Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) but after we got out of the studio, I wanted more.  It is going to take a while for the full album to be finished so I decided to go and record more material on my own.  So here we are…


“Subway Rat Bite” is the beginning to the next chapter of Little Bombs and myself.  I could sit here and try to write some poetic bullshit about how this track means this or that or how everything sucks blah blah blah, but honestly, I don’t feel like writing anymore about it.  It is a song about getting shit on and being pissed off.  Pretty simple stuff.  Take it for what it is and hopefully you can relate in some way.  Feel free to share it if it suits you!


Until next week…






Hey all,


Just wanted to update everyone on what is going on with the record.  As of last Friday we are officially done tracking our second album.  We were very fortunate to have some super fucking awesome people working on this with us.  The album was produced by Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) and recorded at The Bucket in Coney Island, which is owned and run by our good friend Adam Richman.  Also, our good friend Tyler Soucy from A Great Big Pile of Leaves was kind enough to lend his drumming talents to us for the week.  We are planning on releasing a 7″ this summer and then a full LP this fall.


I started working on this record over a year ago and I cannot even begin to explain how difficult it was to create this beast.  The entire thing was written sitting on the edge of my bed locked away in Astoria.  It took years for me to figure out who I was as a musician.  I have played so many different genres and instruments and I am very thankful for all the great opportunities I have been given.  After years of writing, touring, and making records, I can truly say that this is the most honest album I have ever written.  There is no hidden agenda or ulterior motive wrapped in these songs.   They exist purely within themselves and represent who I am, not as a musician, but as a human being.  I have always been one to lean towards the darker side of things and I am often labeled a cynic or an asshole and that I am unable to simply “shut up and be nice”.  I admire those who can put a smile on every day and accept themselves and their situations.  I am not one of those people.  I have always been pushing myself and those around me to think harder, work harder, and play harder.  This record is about opening your eyes not only to the outside world but to yourself as well.  With our generation facing the economic and social issues that we see in the headlines, it is easy for us turn our head, take some drugs, and ignore it.  Going through your early 20′s isn’t the hardest thing anyone has to do, but it definitely is a crazy time.  We all realize some dreams will never happen.  We might never get to live in the city we always wanted or have that kick ass job our teachers and parents said we would have.  Instead we are controlled by stress, up to our ears in debt, struggling to find work and a sense of meaning. Shit is fucked up.  We all have very small roles in this world and I am just hoping this album can help bring people back down to earth so they can come into their by being honest about who they are.  We aren’t anything special.  We are all just trying to find purpose and the occasional free drink.


We thank everyone for the endless support and hope to see your faces at shows, which we are booking a lot of for this summer.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for shit as we figure out what to do next.  Until then, peace!




(here are some pics from recording)


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Littlebombs.com is now up and running!

Hey all!


Very excited to introduce everyone to our official website here at littlebombs.com.  Looks like we are finally moving up in the world!


We are entering the studio this week to record our new LP that will hopefully be out sometime this fall.  We are very excited to finally be making new music to share with everyone and will be posting/blogging from the studio every day this week.  Feel free to leave us some love in the comments section below.  Stay safe this week and party on.